HP 15 – BS100tx – 8th Gen Ci5 QuadCore 08GB DDR4 1TB 2-GB ATI AMD Radeon 520 GC 15.6″ HD LED 720p Win10 (Natural Silver)


HP 15 BS100tx Core i5 8th Generation Laptop

There’s no one else who combines sleek and impeccable design with the best hardware quite like HP. The HP 15 BS100tx is the perfect example of the manufacturer’s amazing prowess as this laptop comes with a high-powered processor, sufficient storage and RAM, and a full variety of other specs that you would be able to find in any other high-end laptop.

Here are some of BS100tx 8th Generation’s feat

HP 15-BS100TX Notebook, Expertcomputer

DDR4 RAM for Lag-Free Performance

The HP 15 BS100tx (8th Generation) comes equipped with an 8GB RAM that is more than enough to keep your tasks running smoothly. Thanks to the DDR4 standard, your RAM is managed intelligently to give all the applications sufficient amount of memory dosage. Working at its optimum capacity, the RAM is specialized to give you fast speed absolutely zero hanging issues.

8th Generation Core i5 Processor

If you are in search of a power-packed experience combined with decent battery life, you need a laptop that runs on a Core i5 Intel Processor – 8th Generation. Fortunately, the HP 15 BS100tx is also powered by this ideal processor. Giving you a stable amount of power through and through when you need it the most, this processor is perfect for gamers or hardcore designers who are always hard at work. The BS100tx 8th Gen Laptop’s built-in Turbo Boost technology also pushes its frequency all the way up to 3.1GHz which makes sure you have enough power and are always running at a high speed with uninterrupted performance.


HP 15-BS100TX Notebook, Expertcomputer

Dedicated 2GB AMD Radeon Graphics Card
A dedicated graphics card is certainly useful for adding to the display depth and quality of your machine. Moreover, it allows a more powerful operation in terms of gaming, design software, and other software related tasks. Fortunately, the BS100tx (8TH Gen) has a powerful GPU in the form of the AMD Radeon 520 that functions through a 2GB dedicated memory, resultantly opening you up to a wide array of possibilities. Working on heavy apps and enjoying your favorite heavy games is not even a stress.